Skid Row's Issues and Solutions
Skid Row’s ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS’ Year-In-Review’s from 2008-2011

   The below link is to a document which provides “undeniable proof” of the existence of the Skid Row community’s “Positive Movement” that also proclaims a desire to want to “do-for-self”, which is quite contrary to popular belief. This document lists the summation of our first four years of community activism in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles. Please keep in mind that these are only highlights of some of our most memorable efforts as we continue to fight to help improve the deplorable conditions, as well as give a voice to the Skid Row residents……Remember, there are two sides to every story. We hope that you give the Skid Row resident’s a chance to tell their collective side, as opposed to the “Skid Row non-profits”, that have dominated the story-telling for decades!!!…. Thank you in advance for being fair!


DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES- History was made during Tuesday night’s DLANC Board meeting when Skid Row resident, community activist and DLANC Board member General Jeff was voted in as the new VP of Outreach and Communications, replacing Jay Kim who recently closed his Downtown business in order to focus more on his overseas business ventures.

After being nominated by Hal Bastian, a savvy, multi-termed veteran of the DLANC Board and also Senior VP of Business Development at CCA, a unanimous vote in favor of General Jeff historically establishes Jeff as the first resident from Skid Row to hold an executive position on DLANC’s Executive Committee.

"This has been a tremendous year for our community", said General Jeff, referring to the Skid Row community’s on-going "positive movement" whose highlights this year include multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for veteran soap opera "The Bold and The Beautiful" who’s storyline featured General Jeff and many others from the Skid Row community, also a recent trip to "The White House" and now this historic DLANC Board vote.

"We are leading by example to show that many positive things are possible. Don’t ever give up!", Jeff added in a tone seemingly meant to motivate others, especially those in Skid Row.

While no special ceremonies are planned as of yet, General Jeff anticipates “some level of acknowledgment” during an upcoming Town Hall meeting in less than two weeks featuring many City officials that he is organizing and will be announced soon. “Even a handshake or a pat on the back would be a symbolic gesture that the Skid Row community could be proud of”, Jeff said. He added, “It may not be important to others, but this is HUGE to our community”.

Let’s hope that “classy gestures” overflow at both the upcoming Town Hall meeting and also at the next DLANC Board meeting.

Either way, history was still made.

DOCUMENTARY- Join Skid Row resident and community activist General Jeff as he travels 3000 miles from Downtown Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. with hopes of speaking to President Obama about homeless issues, financial solutions and more. Will the Secret Service let him in? What did President Obama say to him? Watch and see all the historic behind-the-scenes details for yourself.  (*****stars)  *EPIC*